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Recently "The Academy of Dramatic Arts" gave it's graduatiing students
a copy of "The Right Agent" as a graduation gift.

If you are looking for an agent "The Right Agent" is an excellent place to start. "The Right Agent" includes names, addresses and phone numbers of SAG/AFTRA franchised agencies. It also lists agents who are members of ATA, the "Association of Talent Agents." "The Right Agent" includes the type of actors each agency represents, what some agents are now looking for, Articles written by Casting Director Keith Wolfe, and interviews with some of the top agents in the business.

"The Right Agent" is published by Silver Screen Publishing

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Casting Director and Hollywood expert Keith Wolfe explains what SAG Agent means.
Keith Wolfe has been a casting director for 25 years.

For an agent to be a "SAG" agent they must be state licensed and franchised by the Screen Actors Guild.

A SAG agent must follow the guidelines set forth by the Screen Actors Guild or they will lose their franchise.
B efore going after an agent, some thought should be given to the type of agent you are looking for. If you are a newcomer, it's probably better to try for a commercial agent for several reasons.

You do not have to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild to be represented by a SAG franchised agent.

Commercial agents take on more new talent than film and TV agents. If you have the look a commercial agent is looking for, they won't hold it against you for not having a lot of experience.

You should, of course, get some training under your belt before going after even a commercial agent. However, I will confess that I have seen agents take new actors regardless of their training if they have the look they need..

To get an agent you need to know who they are and where they are. You also need to know what type of talent they represent.

I have helped put together a book of agents titled The Right Agent. This book is a complete listing of all the legitimate agents that are state licensed and franchised by the Screen Actors Guild in the Hollywood and Los Angeles area. It also lists AFTRA franchised agents and agents who are members of "ATA" The Association of Talent Agents.

The Right Agent lists legitimate agents along with their phone numbers and addresses. Just think, for a small fee you can contact the same agents who represent your favorite stars.

The Right Agent also tells you the type of talent some of the agents are looking for now! It lists agents for children, seniors -- all types-- and has a special feature article on How To Get An Agent.

This book is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to get in touch with agents for fun and profit.


  • Names addresses and phone numbers of the Top Hollywood Agents!


  • Tells you the type of talent agents are looking for now!


  • Tells you exactly how to get an agent


  • The Art of cold reading
  • Shows you how to win agents and auditions

The Right Agent

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